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May 15, 2007



Oooh - I thought you were **moving** moving!!! Can't wait to see your new blog :)


Cool - are you having a blog warming party???

Kirst (Sydney, Aust)

Hi Alison. Although I'm not on your contact list, could you please let me know too....pretty please. That is if you're not keeping it as a private one.



Hi Alison, I'm a long time lurker of your blog. I'm sad to read you are moving blog address but would love to continue to visit your blog if you are not going to make it private, otherwise I totally understand. I find your work inspriational and I have learnt so much from what I have read from your blog. Take Care. Cheers Annette


Hi Alison are you going to make your blog a private one i lovre to read your blog and lok at you photos and work Narelle

leone cabban

Are you going private? I'm not on your contact list. I 'm a long time lurker and I would still like to read your happenings if thats okay with you. Keep up your great work.


ummm you better tell me girly LOL... otherwise ill have to come and stalk you LOL....see you soon


sue MahaffieSue Mahaffie

Not sure if I'm on yur contact list or not- but wiuld love to read your new blog!!! Please send me the link.


Hi Alison.....not on your contact list but a frequent voyeur, can you let me know the new address so I can continue to click in and read your latest updates. Ta

Karen Adamson

Hi Alison....I am also not on your contact list. But I love coming to your blog to see what you have been creating & also looking at the photos you have taken.
If you are not going private with your new blog I would love to keep visiting.
Karen A

Jane P (nswscrapper)

As karen A said - i would love to continue reading your blog. I did a workshop with you (Blush mini book - loved it!) in Parra in April and enjoy seeing your newest creations and photos.


Hey Alison,
I don't think I'm on your contact list, if you could let me know your new blog address too, I love reading your blog and seeing your creations. However if it is going to be private, totally understand.

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