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June 21, 2007


Rachel Greig

It is sad :( I've always enjoyed teaching there, so I'll miss seeing everyone there!


It's so sad!!! What are Sheree and i going to do now on every last wednesday of the month???? hint, hiny, nudge, nudge!!!! LOL.
Life surely does get in the way and i wish Leanne and Pat all the best on whatever they choose to do next

Kim Archer

Oh I'm sad too. I really enjoyed my teaching time at Scrapabout and had no idea Leanne was closing up :(((((((



No way!! That is so sad.


it is so sad... im going to miss our monthly classes together... who am i going to sit in the gutter with now hey....we will have to work something out i think... i need to have my FAMOUS alison classes once a month LOL...

chat to you soon

Tamara Rodgers

I agree Sheree - I think she really needs to put on special classes for her groupies. I have a pretty big back room, Alison!!

Cath @ LSBS

Alison... you have mail..

I really enjoyed the times I have gone for classes at Scrapabout.. and Leanne is lovely.. it is always a hard decision to close a chapter in your life


This makes me sad ive only ever been over there once but you can tell it must be a great place so many sad women and for you Alison your work is great . i dont think it will be long befor you get snapt up but for now dont be to sad . narelle


I'm so sad that SA is closing too ... I've loved each and every one of the classes I've had the opportunity to take there and Leanne and Pat always made everyone feel so welcome. I love your work Alison and hope you'll be teaching somewhere close by again soon.

Donna Hooper

I've never been there but it's always sad when a really good store closes down. I hope you took it out with a bang!


Alison, yes it is very sad. I shall miss Leanne and Pat and all the lovely ladies. Shall also miss doing your classes and do hope that we can stay in touch.

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